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Level 4, 5, and 6: Descendants of Jesse Clark Esarey (1817-1869)

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Level 1: 1 John Essery (1744-1828) & Sarah Hester (Easter) Clark (1758-1818)

Level 2: 1-3 Jonathon Davis Essery/Esarey (1783-1858) mar. 4 times.

Level 3: 1-3-6 Jesse Clark Esarey (1817-1869) mar. Susannah Hughes (12 children)

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1-3-6-1 Mary Ellen Esarey (1840-1932), mar. John William Ewing

1-3-6-1-1 Susan Mariah Ewing (1983-?) mar. David Cambell (4 child. - Ethel, LeRoy, and Wilham Emory Campell)

1-3-6-1-2 Jesse Clark Ewing (1864-after 1948) mar. Rhoda Wilson (9 child. - Eldon Herbert, Elbert, Ellsworth, Elva, Edwin Clark, Goldie, Inez, Eliza Ellen, and Jesse Wilson Ewing).

1-3-6-1-3 Barbara Ellen Ewing (1867-1944) mar. Michael H. Sprinkle (6 child. - Alma, Altha Archie, Artie, Jessie, and Layfayette Sprinkle).

1-3-6-1-4 Samuel Graham Ewing (1870-1899), mar. Ruhama Meeks Nash (5 child. - Ruhana Olive, Ruby Onnie, Jewell Graham, Samuel Treasure, Truman O. Ewing).

1-3-6-1-5 Martin Luther Ewing (died infant)

1-3-6-1-6 James Alonzo Ewing (died infant)

1-3-6-1-7 John William Ewing (1876-1916), mar. Ella Copeland.

1-3-6-1-8 Emily Cicely Ewing (1878-?), mar. James Frank Organ (he had one child prev. mar. - they had 2 child. - John and James Organ).

1-3-6-1-9 Olive Matilda Ewing (1883-1952), mar. Clay Fullenwider (1 child - Jesse Clay Fullenwider).


1-3-6-2 John Clark Esarey (1841-1924), mar. Barbara Ewing (1840-1907), much later (1910) mar. Frances Esarey Howe (1-13-12-1), his first cousin.

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1-3-6-2-1 John Elmer Esarey (1863-1941), mar. Mary Catharine Hubert (d. 1896), then Maragaet Gwin (4 child - Katheryn Ella, Joseph Clark, Solomon William, and Flora Rose Esarey).

1-3-6-2-2 Solomon Hervey Esarey (1866-1954 ) mar. Emma Loulie Clark, dau. of James and Rebecca Clark (? - 1934), then Lillie Morris. No children. (Myra's volume accidently omits all details on Sol. He was a lawyer and lived in Indianapolis. His generosity in helping his sister Dora's family after James Gibson died was well remembered by his nieces and nephews).

1-3-6-2-3 Mary Isabelle Esarey (1867-1960) (Myra's volume incorrectly lists a 1860 birth), mar. Benjamin Thomas Frakes (? - 1922) (8 child. - Jennie Louella, Theodore Thomas, Barbara Ewing, Charles Sherman, Ruby Belle, Ivan Clark, James Russel, and Earl Frakes).

1-3-6-2-4 Marilla Lamb Esarey (1869-1871)

1-3-6-2-5 Charles Sidney Esarey (1871-1941), mar. Ellen Harpe (1876-1905). They had 6 child. - infant, Maria, Elmer, Elva, Pearl, Rhoda Esarey.

1-3-6-2-6 Marcus Logan Esarey (1873-1942), mar. Laura Pearson Mills ( 5 child. - Mary Logan, Myra Idora, Ralph Emerson, Rosalie, and Robin Adair Esarey).

1-3-6-2-7 Rosaltha Eleanor Esarey (1876-1955), mar. James Edward Goldman (12 child. - John Logan, Elizabeth, James Lloyd, Magdalene, Rosa Grace. Mary Ethel, Jessie Lafayette, Howard Hansel, Annie Pearl, Frederick Landis, Loulie Evelyn, and Elmer Goldman).

1-3-6-2-8 Olive Idora "Dora" Esarey (1878-1938), mar. James Gibson (4 child. - Emma Evelyn, Carrie Antoinette, Loren Roscoe, and James Victor Gibson). Dora later mar. Jesse King.

1-3-6-2-9 Winfield Scott ("Babe") Esarey (1882-1938), mar. Bessie Pearl Leaf (1881-1923). (5 child. - Mayne Adrian, Ardith Hester, Lillian Alliene, Elmer Howard, and Della Margaret Esarey).


1-3-6-3 Sarah Esarey (1843-1929). mar. Absalom Carr Miller

1-3-6-3-1 Rhoda Ellen Miller (1864-?) mar. George Adam Saddler (1860-1930) (9 child. John Lomax, Mary Rosa, George Edwin, Charles Clark, William Frederick, Anna Lee, Lewis Jennings, Susan Mae, and Joseph Ellsworth Saddler).

1-3-6-3-2 Lucy Jane Miller (1867-1931) mar. Benjamin Franklin Meeks (4 child. - Louis Absolom, May, Lillian, and Mary Belle Meeks).

1-3-6-3-3 John Marcus Miller (1870-1916), mar. Jennie Hatfield Park (10 child. - Annie May, Elsie Pearl, William, Floid Elbert, Earl Conley, Jesse John, Maud H., Infant, Jennie Marie, and Irene Park Miller).

1-3-6-3-4 Martha Miller (1872-?) mar. C. William Myers (7 child. - Oscar, Ruth, John, Pearl, Kittie, Hazel, and Edgar Myers).

1-3-6-3-5 Mary Ann (Mayme) Miller (1874-1955), mar. John Edward Hosbach (2 child. - Emma Kethleen and Guy Edward Hosbach).

1-3-6-3-6 Julia Angeline Miller (1877-1902), mar. William Land (his mother was sister to Thomas Jefferson Gibson and James Gibson). No children.

1-3-6-3-7 Letitia Susan Miller (1880-1921), mar. Herbert Tilden Dooley (4 child. - Leo M., Herbert T., Lola Pearl, and Mary Helen Dooley). Leticia later mar. William F. Graham.


1-3-6-4 Jonathon Davis "Squire" Esarey (1845-1923), mar. Mary Ann Ewing (d.1875), then Sally Ann Sprinkle Austin (d. after 1890), then Emma A. Clutinger Carr.

Children w/ Mary Ann

1-3-6-4-1 Minerva Ellen Esarey (1866-?), mar. Thomas Van Winkle (5 child. Mary, Clarence, Rosa, Lena, and Stella Van Winkle).

1-3-6-4-2 Jesse Clark Esarey (

1-3-6-4-3 Susan Florence Esarey

1-3-6-4-4 Maria Isabel Esarey

Children w/ Sally Ann

1-3-6-4-5 Matha Emmeline Esarey

1-3-6-4-6 Cynthia Clarinda Esarey

1-3-6-4-7 Jonathan Davis ("III") Esarey

1-3-6-4-8 Sarah Ann Esarey Esarey


1-3-6-5 Hiram Marcus "Mark" Esarey (1847-1929), mar. Barbara Louise Schnoepel (1851-1880-82), then Anna Amenda Saalman Bengal (1858-1928). Anna had 1 child (Theo. Bengal) by first marriage.

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Children with Barbara

1-3-6-5-1 Jesse Otto

1-3-6-5-2 Sabina Isabel "Dollie"

1-3-6-5-3 Katie Louella

1-3-6-5-4 Elijah

1-3-6-5-5 Elisha

1-3-6-5-6 infant (w/ Barbara?)

1-3-6-5-7 Pearl Esarey, died as infant (with Barbara?)

Children with Anna

1-3-6-5-8 Calvin Marcus

1-3-6-5-9 Eugene Rinehart

1-3-6-5-10 Herman Elvin

1-3-6-5-11 Archie Eldo

1-3-6-5-12 & 12 twin infants.


1-3-6-6 Jacob Absalom Esarey (1849-1916), mar. Angeline Horton (d. 1879), then Mary Ann "Polly" Miller Hughes.

Children with Angeline

1-3-6-6-1 Jesse Reuben Esarey

1-3-6-6-2 Susan Lydia Esarey

1-3-6-6-3 Harriet Beecher Esarey (only Harriet lived to adulthood).

1-3-6-6-4 Oliver Burton Esarey

Child with Polly

1-3-6-6-5 Jacob Hiram Esarey (also died in infancy).


1-3-6-7 Felix Ewing Esarey (1851-1942), mar. Ellen Goldman (1851-1934)

1-3-6-7-1 Verilla Ray Esarey

1-3-6-7-2 Philip Sheridan Esarey

1-3-6-7-3 Marion Felix Esarey

1-3-6-7-4 Maud Lee Esarey

1-3-6-7-5 Elizabeth Esarey

1-3-6-7-6 William H. Esarey

1-3-6-7-7 John Wesley "Long John" Esarey

1-3-6-7-8 Lily Elaine Esarey


1-3-6-8 Samuel Walker Esarey (1854-1900), mar. Mary Elizabeth Van Winkle

1-3-6-8-1 Simeon Jesse Esarey

1-3-6-8-2 Ethel Esarey

1-3-6-8-3 Alvena Esarey

1-3-6-8-4 Curtis Esarey

1-3-6-8-5 Phoebe Ellen Esarey

1-3-6-8-6 Frederick Esarey

1-3-6-8-7 Mary Victoria Esarey

1-3-6-8-8 Walter Esarey

1-3-6-8-9 John William Esarey


1-3-6-9 Jesse Benjamin Esarey (1857-1928), mar. Anne Marie Cassidy Sprinkle. (She had one child by first mar.)

1-3-6-9-1 Claude Martin Esarey

1-3-6-9-2 Albert Oscar Esarey

1-3-6-9-3 Jesse David Esarey

1-3-6-9-4 Ethel Mary Esarey


1-3-6-10 Susannah Esarey (1859-1931), mar. John William Frakes

1-3-6-10-1 Bertha Luella Frakes

1-3-6-10-2 Arthur Elmer Frakes

1-3-6-10-3 Hettie May Frakes

1-3-6-10-4 Jesse Clark Frakes

1-3-6-10-5 Ida Pearl Frakes

1-3-6-10-6 Mary Isabelle Frakes


1-3-6-11 James Hughes Esarey (1861-1948), mar. Sarah Jane Reason (d. ?), then Rosa E. Brown. 5 children total.

1-3-6-11-1 Emma Florence Esarey

1-3-6-11-2 Nolan Esarey

1-3-6-11-3 Charles Coin Esarey

1-3-6-11-4 Jesse William Esarey

1-3-6-11-5 Danzell Jewell Esarey


1-3-6-12 William Darlington Esarey (1866-1923), mar. Ella Little

1-3-6-12-1 infant

1-3-6-11-2 Nellie Esarey