Esarey-Esrey & Rhoads-Esrey letters: Records of a 19th century American migration

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From: J.J. Esarey [Oil Township, Perry Co., Indiana]*

To: Niles Esrey, Hardin, Missouri

Date: February 21, 1910


I have a letter that Jesse Esarey wrote to Jonathan Davis Esarey in the year 1814 in a fine state of preservation. I also have a letter from Jesse Esarey to Jonathan D. Esarey written from Illinois Territory in the year 1816. And letters from 1816 to 1864. The last one was from Septer P. to Jacob Esarey, my father, the youngest son of Jonathan D. Esarey, written in 1864…I have Jonathan D. Esarey’s Old Record which I can give you. ..In Septer P. Esarey’s letter in 1864, he speaks of his mother being down in Carrol County, Mo. at Niles Esarey’s who has a very sick child. I will have the letter that Jesse Esarey wrote to Grandfather published and will send you the letters. [These letters are probably the ones that burned in Jonathan Davis Esarey’s house in 1910.] Have you any letters that were written to Jesse Esarey by Jonathan Davis Esarey at Oil Creek? If so, please give me a copy. I have a letter from Jesse Esarey to Jacob Esarey, written in 1852. In this letter he speaks of a called session of the Legislature, and he was a member at that time. He tells me what it was called for…


J.J. Esarey


[* James J. Esarey is the son of Jacob Esarey and grandson of Jesse Esrey’s brother, Jonathan Davis Esarey. He was one of the main organizers of the 1910 Esarey Reunion and this letter represents efforts towards that end and the gathering of documents that were to lead to the Esarey Family history. Copies of some of the documents mentioned here survived but others were presumably lost when the house of the younger Jonathan Davis Esarey (son of Jesse Clark Esarey and grandson of the elder Jonathan Davis Esarey) burned in 1910.]






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