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From: Mary Rhoads (Cosumnes)

To: Daniel and Amanda

Date: December 30th, 1866


Dear Brother and Sister, one and all,

It is with feelings of the greatest regret I have to announce to you the death of my dear husband. He died on the 20th of December at 15 minutes to 6 o'clock in the evening. He died very easy and happy. There was an overflow the night he died and I could not send for a coffin until Saturday on account of the high water. I was all alone no body to come see me but my brother and William Rhoads. We had to take his remains out by Michael Murray's [Mary's brother] as the levy broke and there was more water tuning through the farm than in the bed of the river. He rec'd a letter from Andrew a few days before he died. He cried with joy when he read its contents to think he had one child to write such a consoling letter to a dieing parent.

All relations are well. Mrs. Grimshaw had gone to Benecia today with Elaine to leave her with the sisters for an education.

Dear brother and sister I never knew what trouble was until now. 1wish you would come to see me as soon as you could make it convenient Give my kindest regards to Isaac and family and I hope Mrs. Rhoads has recovered her health. Henry, wife and family give respects to the Mr. Esreys [Jonathan and Justin], Andrew and all your family. Catherine sends her kind regards to all.

We rec'd a letter from Miss Sarah Rhoads before he died stating there were all well at Gilroy. William Rhoads is here at present and in good health.

John mentioned none of his relations before he died but his father and I could not understand what he said about him. Write soon. I wish you all a happy New Year and many of them. No more at present from your afflicted sister.

Mary Rhoads




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