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Duane Esarey

Selected books, articles, and reviews (email me to request copies of papers not posted.)

Lectures and presented conference papers.


2018 The Mississippian Site of Origin for the So-Called Moundville Spider, by Duane Esarey, Ian W. Brown, and Anjaneen Coble. Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology (in press).

2015      (Named contributor) Archaeology at Ashe Ferry: Late Woodland and Middle Mississippian Period Occupations in the Lower Catawba River Valley, York County, South Carolina, by Brett H. Riggs, R. P. Stephen Davis, Jr., and Mary Elizabeth Fitts. Research Report 36, Research Laboratories of Archaeology, UNC-Chapel Hill. http://www.rla.unc.edu/Publications/pdf/ResRep36/ResRep36.pdf

2014      Review: “Late Prehistoric Florida: Archaeology at the Edge of the Mississippian World.” Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology 39  http://www.midwestarchaeology.org/storage/2014-BR03-Ashley-White.pdf

2013     The Edwards Copper Falcon Headdress, by Kelvin W. Sampson and Duane Esarey.  Illinois Antiquity:48:3:3-3-6.

2013      Another Kind of Beads: A Forgotten Industry of the American Colonial Period. PhD dissertation, Department of Anthropology, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.

2010      The Archaeology of North Carolina (design and production by Duane Esarey). On-line exhibit hosted by University of North Carolina, Research Laboratories of Archaeology. http://rla.unc.edu/ArchaeoNC/

2009 Review: Carl Ekberg's "Stealing Indian Women: Native Slavery in the Illinois Country." Louisiana History, Volume 50:368-370. (pdf - 37k)

2007 "Rethinking the Dawn of History: The schedule, signature, and agency of European goods in Protohistoric Illinois" Robert Mazrim and Duane Esarey. Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology 32:2:145-200. (Abstract )

2005 “On the Conflation of Tonty and Deliette careers in Illinois Country History” Center for French Colonial Studies Le Journal 21:1 (pdf - 72k)

2004 “The High Art of the Artifact Book: Review of Hero Hawk and Open Hand: American Indian Art of the Ancient Midwest and South.” Illinois Antiquity 39:3 (pdf - 127k).

2004 “Illinois as a French Colony” IN Exploration, Encounter, and Exchange. Illinois History Teacher Magazine 11:1:2-18 http://www.lib.niu.edu/ipo/2004/iht1110409.html

2004 “Exploring Seventeenth-Century Illinois” with Michael D. Wiant, IN Exploration, Encounter, and Exchange. Illinois History Teacher Magazine 11:1:2-18 http://www.lib.niu.edu/ipo/2004/iht1110402.html

2001 “Jacques-Nicholas Bellin” pp. 6-10 IN An Atlas of Early Maps of the American Midwest, compiled by Raymond W. Wood. Illinois State Museum Scientific Papers XXIX. (pdf - 770k)

2000 “Early Stewardship of Beall Woods” The Illinois Steward 8:4:4-10. (link to ad).

2000 “The Late Woodland Maples Mills and Mossville Phase Sequence in the Central Illinois River Valley” pp. 387-410, IN Late Woodland Societies: Traditions and Transformation across the Midcontinent, edited by Thomas E. Emerson, Dale L. McElrath, and Andrew C. Fortier. Nebraska Press. (link to book ad).

2000 "The Liverpool Lake Site: A Late Woodland Village" by Duane Esarey, Dawn Ellen Harn, Terrance J. Martin, Marjorie B. Schroeder, Robert E. Warren, and Michael D. Wiant. Illinois State Museum Tech. Report 00-767-5, pp. 286. (pdf copy available upon request).

1998 “Emiquon: A Place in Nature, A Place in Time” (a two part essay). The Living Museum 59:4:3-14 and 60:1:3-15. (pdf - 440k)

1998 “The Bold Counselor Phase of the Central Illinois River Valley: Oneota’s Middle Mississippian Margin” with Lawrence A. Conrad. The Wisconsin Archeologist 79:2:38-61 (pdf 795k)

1997 “Seasonal Occupation Patterns in Illinois History: A Case Study in the Lower Illinois River Valley" Illinois Archaeology 9:1&2:164-219. (pdf - 780k ).

1997 Review: “Historic Contact: Indian People and Colonists in Today’s Northeastern United States in the Sixteenth through Nineteenth Centuries.” Illinois Archaeology 9:1&2:260-262.

1996 Review: “The French in Seventeenth-Century Wisconsin.” Wisconsin Magazine of History 80:2: 130-131.

1996 Review: “French Americans - Native Americans in Eighteenth-century French Colonial Louisiana: The Population Geography of the Illinois Indians, 1670s - 1760s” by Joseph Zitomersky. Louisiana History 37:3:370-373. (pdf - 590k)

1995 Review: “The Indian Question: The History of American Indians from Nineteenth Century Original Source Documents.” Illinois Antiquity 30:1:13.

1995 “New Exhibits in an Old Place: Origins and Interpretations” The Living Museum 57:1:8-11.

1994 “The Joan Carrie Site: A Short-term Patrick and Dohack Phase Occupation on the American Bottom Bluff Edge” with Sissel Johannessen. Illinois Archaeology 6:1&2:58-97. (pdf - 520k)

1993 “A Survey of Elaborate Mississippian Copper Artifacts from Illinois” as junior author with Kelvin Sampson. Illinois Archaeology 5:1&2:452-480. (pdf - 1.2 Mb)

1993 “The Ancient Art of Decoy Fishing” The Living Museum 55:1:5-8. (pdf - 1.3 Mb)

1992 The Lohmann Site: An Early Mississippian Center in the American Bottom with Timothy R. Pauketat. American Bottom Archaeology - FAI 270 Site Reports Volume 25, Urbana, 178 pp.

1992 “Observations on Two Tomahawk Pipes from the Central Illinois River Valley” Illinois Archaeology 4:1:38-48. (pdf - 190k)

1992 “Early Havana Culture Pottery from the Coe Site” Illinois Antiquity 27:2:17-19.

1991 “An 18th-century Spanish Coin from Peoria County, Illinois” with Frank Benningfield. Illinois Antiquity 26:3:4-7.

1990 “Archaeological Investigations at the Morton Village and Norris Farms 36 Cemetery” junior author with Sharron K. Santure and Alan D. Harn. Illinois State Museum Reports of Investigations 45, Springfield.

1987 “ Havana's Hidden Mound” Illinois Antiquity 19:1:6-10.

1987 “The Town Branch Sites: Archaic Encampments on the Bushnell Prairie of West Central Illinois" The Wisconsin Archeologist 68:2:95-124.

1986 “ Red Ocher Mound Building and Marion Phase Associations: A Fulton County, Illinois Perspective” pp. 231-243 IN Early Woodland Archeology, ed. Kenneth Farnsworth and Thomas E. Emerson. Center for American Archeology Press, Kampsville.

1986 “Protohistoric Oneota Material from the Clear Lake Site, Illinois” Journal of the Iowa Archaeological Society 33:75-82.

1986 “A New Eddyville Gorget from the Illinois River Valley” The Living Museum 48:3:40-41. (pdf 67 k)

1984 “The Carter Creek Site: A Weaver Phase Ring Midden in the Interior Uplands of West Central Illinois” with Kelvin Sampson and Charles Suchy. The Wisconsin Archaeologist 65: 2:131-144. (pdf)

1983 "Chert Availability and Aboriginal Utilization in West Central Illinois - A Geographical Overview" Archaeological Research Laboratory, Western Illinois University (pdf 796 k - please cite as "manuscript on file at Archaeological Research Laboratory, Western Illinois University")

1982 "Final Report on Phase II Archaeological Investigations on Portions of Amax's Proposed Littleton Mine Field and Littleton Field Haul Road, Schuyler, McDonough and Fulton Counties, Illinois" with contributions by Lawrence A. Conrad and William Green. WIU-ARL Reports of Investigations #4, Prepared for Amax Coal Company, 319 pp. (Download Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 as PDF - 5 Mb total).

1981 "The Orendorf Site: Preliminary Working Papers" complied with Lawrence A. Conrad. WIU-ARL Completion Report for Grant 17-10012, Illinois Department of Conservation and United States Department of the Interior, 655 pp. Go to DOWNLOAD page for ORENDORF WORKING PAPERS

1981 "Final Report on FAI-270 and Illinois Route 460 Related Excavations at the Lohmann Site (11S49), St. Clair County, Illinois" with Timothy Good. WIU-ARL Reports of Investigations #3. Prepared for IDOT, 456 pp.